Zucchini: 4 Creative Ways to Make It

Sicilians have never met a zucchini they did not like. It is a magical vegetable. As a matter of fact, growing it is the best way to get children excited about gardening because this veggie grows so quickly. Before you know it, the flowers pop out and, here comes a baby zucchini. The child gardener will experience watching the vegetable mature. It might be a good lesson in pollination as well.

Uncle Vincenzo’s Garden

I remember the zucchini patches from my great uncle Vincenzo’s garden. The old Italian had a large patch of land secluded by the growing vines and plants. I loved going into that garden. It felt like a silent, green wonderland. My secret obsession was picking the grapes one by one and savoring them as I ate them right off of the vine. (early detection of a wino).

Throughout the summer, there would be a constant stream of zucchini reaching our home for Dot to cook. Imagination was Dot’s middle name, so we had some wonderful dishes thanks to Uncle Vincenzo’s garden and Dot’s culinary genius.

Health Benefits

There are 5 secret health benefits to our rewarding produce.


Potassium aids in reducing blood pressure. Folate reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Magnesium regulates the heartbeat. Do you want to guess which food contains all of these things? If you guessed zucchini, you win.

Weight Loss

This is my favorite. Zucchini aids in weight loss. If you substitute this vegetable for calorie-rich food, you will be taking in fewer calories. The vegetable of the day has very few calories. It also contains fiber which helps in reducing (are you ready?) BELLY FAT. You will lose weight.

Eye Health

Cut a couple of slices from the zucchini and put them on your eyes. They reduce swelling and puffiness. A natural beauty product. If ingested, your eyes will benefit due to beta carotene (converts to vitamin A) which enhances vision and minimizes the possibility of diseases like macular degeneration.

Asthma, Teeth, and Bones

It is full of vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) which helps strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. The calcium in it helps teeth and bones remain strong.


High fiber helps to lower cholesterol and high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C keeps cholesterol from invading the body’s blood vessels.


Stuffed zucchini. Get Recipe

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Fiori di zucchini (flowers of the zucchini) Get Recipe.

Final Thought

Once I met a man who told me he hated zucchini. In spite of that confession, I agreed to go out with him. After a while in our relationship, Kim asked us to dinner. She served zucchini with tomatoes and pasta sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. On the way home, the gentleman in question said, “Hey Princess, why don’t you ever make that pasta dish for me?” I guess he did like zucchini after all.


  1. These recipes look so yummy. I can’t wait to try them!

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