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Schedule a Diet Cheat Day, No Regrets

Should dieters schedule a diet cheat day? Everyone seems to be on one sort of diet or another. It is so difficult to choose the correct diet and to remain faithful to it. As we try to slip into a new and healthier lifestyle, we feel deprived of the foods we love.


It has become common for dieters to indulge in either cheat meals or cheat days. Some diets, however, have a very strict policy of no cheating (i.e. Keto).

  • You would need a flexible diet strategy and an organized plan.
  • If you eat sensibly during the week and do not starve yourself, a cheat day would work well.
  • Adhere to a reasonable weight loss program. One where you eat normally, but less. You should not feel hungry on this diet because you might tend to overindulge on diet cheat days.
  • Don’t feel guilty. A binge once a week is not going to affect your weight. It is the continuation of the binge that does most harm. Schedule a cheat day.

Fun fact: One three-month study found that people who regarded the cheat meal as a reward did well on their diet goals. Those who looked upon the cheat day with guilt, tended not to stick to their food regimen. So rather than cheating, let’s call it treating.

  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you are having a pizza, why shouldn’t I throw in a banana split. What the heck? That is the “throw in the towel” mentality. That will lead to trouble.
  • On the day after, reset your body with foods like broccoli, dark leafy greens, avocado and banana.

This is what I would eat after a cheat day.

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon tea with raisin toast. (I like mine dry, but a little butter would not hurt.) Fresh berries or a banana.

Lunch: Soup and small salad. A piece of pita bread.

Snack: 2 tbsp. hummus and 2 tbsp. tabouli with exactly 6 crackers.

Dinner:1 serving salmon, asparagus, sweet potato 

Easy salmon: Get recipe.

Cheat meal from soup to nuts

Here are some suggestions for a fun cheat meal

Cocktail: Prosecco, Pinot grigio, Valpolicella or a light beer

Hors d’oeuvres antipasto – artichoke hearts – green olives or kalamata olives– p­rosciutto (Italian bread)

Main course: Sausage and spinach calzone (recipe coming soon to this blog).

Wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc

Dessert: Chocolate pound cake with ice cream

Trisha Yearwood has a delicious recipe. Get recipe.

Final Thought

You do not have to be on a diet to need a cheat day. Any person who eats a reasonable diet every day, must have a day to play. Read more.

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