A Mother’s Day Brunch: Make Your Mom Proud

A healthy brunch is my favorite way to spend Mother’s Day. Actually, a day at Fenway Park with my daughter ranks higher, but I’m sure brunch is more relevant to you. (I miss my Red Sox.)

This post includes a brief background of Mother’s Day. It also includes the recipes for each delicacy on the menu.

The many recipes are easy and delicious. I think any mom would love the food. The paired drink for the food is Prosecco.

Origins of Mothers’ Day

Do you know the origins of Mothers’ Day? I didn’t either, so I researched it. Its origins are in ancient Greece and Rome.  The Greeks held a festival dedicated to Rhea, the mother of fertility. The Romans’ Cybele was the healer and goddess of protection. Can you imagine what those celebrations were like?

The American Mothers’ Day

The American launch of Mom’s special day began when President Woodrow Wilson signed a declaration on May 9, 1914. Historians consider him the father of Mother’s Day.

There is actually a mother of Mother’s Day. Her name is Anna Jarvis. She was one of the forward-thinking women of the early 20th century. She started a campaign for a day to celebrate mothers. The President took it from there and since then, Mother’s Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Fun Fact: The carnation in many countries is the official Mother’s Day flower. The symbolic gesture of sharing carnations depends on the mom’s current status. A red or pink carnation is a celebration and means mom is alive. A white one means mom is not, so it becomes a remembrance. Myself, I like daisies.

What Are You Doing on Mothers’ Day?

The Mothers’ Day of 2020 will be very unique. I will be eating food and watching chick flics with Kim. Share what you will be doing? We must be creative in the age of social distancing. Leave a comment and share the fun with us.

The Brunch Menu


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Sicilian Salad (vegetarian)

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Minestrone Soup (vegetarian)

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Spinach Pie (vegetarian)

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Mini Frittatas

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Coffee and Tea

Enjoy this video, my friends, and have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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