About Me



My name is Sandi, and I come from a CRAZY Sicilian family. Every stereotype you have ever heard is true for the kind of meatballs in our family sauce.

As in fine Italian tradition, I was named after my father’s mother because I was the first-born girl.

Nana’s name was Santa, which means “saint”. My friends crack up when they hear that. They know I am not; neither was she, but that is another story. I ended up with the Americanized Sandra and go by Sandi.

My mom, whose name was Dot, was way ahead of her time. She was concerned about health, which was not always the concern of other Italian cooks during the 1960’s.

She would spend hours reading about health and medicine. Inspiring!!!! As a result, my blog is health-food related. I grew up eating lots of low-fat Italian food. As we go along, I will dole out these recipes originating directly from Dot’s kitchen. I will also share my own tried and true recipes.

In this blog, I will explore the many facets of food, trying to keep good health in mind. I will entrust my readers with Nana’s recipes. They are yummy, although sometimes caloric. My philosophy is everything in moderation.

My passions in this order are:
Cooking with my daughter, the Boston Red Sox, food, my golden retriever (Freddy), and my cats Bettsy and Lulu. In my spare time, I judge gymnastics meets.

All are an important part of my story, and the story is long, so let’s get started.