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7 Offbeat Facts You Never Knew About Eggplant

The very first person who looked at an eggplant must have scratched his head and said, “What is this?” It is rather odd-looking but offers amazing health benefits. There are many peculiar facts about it, and I find its peculiarities fascinating. Are you wondering how the eggplant got its name? […]

Don’t Just Sit There: Start Making Stuffed Peppers

Did you know that peppers are technically a fruit? Most varieties are and the varieties are endless. Pepper Sandwiches What did you bring for lunch when you went to school as a child? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fluffernutters, bologna sandwiches; ham sandwiches with cheese? Not this kid! Picture a […]

How To Dine Italian and Still Be Gluten-Free

Throughout my life, I am sure I ate more gluten than is healthy. The words “gluten-free” were not in my vocabulary. I remember those peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches every day of my college years. Some Marshmallow Fluff is probably still sticking to my ribs. I had never heard of […]


3 Simple Escarole Dishes that Make You Want More

Escarole meals were frequent in Dot’s kitchen. Mom took advantage of its versatility to create a variety of recipes. Personally, I love escarole. I cannot understand the often-utilized description of this green vegetable as “bitter”. I remember eating it many times in childhood dinners and thought it tasted sweet. We’ll […]

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7 Best Appetizers That Will Make You a Superstar

Appetizers, antipasti in Italian, are appetizingly fun!! According to Webster’s Dictionary,  an appetizer is a small portion of food or drink to stimulate the appetite before a meal. This chef oftentimes serves for her guests only drinks and lots of tidbits to satisfy the appetite and soak up the alcohol. […]