kermit in fridge

Refrigerate? 18 Foods You Should Not

Do you know there are certain foods that you should not refrigerate? I did not, so I stuck my nose in a book or two and found out some interesting information I want to share with you. Melon Do not refrigerate whole cantaloupes, watermelon and honey dew. I would not […]


Condiments: What Are They Doing To Us?

Condiments, what are they, how do we use them, and are they good for us? There are so many condiments and we use them carelessly, without thinking about the health consequences. I have been wondering about these topping for a long time, so I decided to do some research. What […]


Butter: Should We Love It or Leave It?

I remember the days when toast tasted sweet and buttery. Then butter substitutes like margarine arrived on the scene. I had to believe margarine was the answer to my butter health woes. After all, butter has saturated fats which is bad for heart health. What happened to my sweet, creamy […]

Cooking with Lemon for an Inspired Date Night Meal

In Sicily when spring is in the air, the fragrant lemon blossoms coax the Sicilians to prepare for cooking with lemon. Lemon season inspires not only yummy, but very healthy meals. This citrus brings out the flavor of many foods, for example, fish, lobster, chicken and pork. Benefits of Lemon […]