Favorite Coffees for Every Palette

In this era of savory coffee, chances are you are not an instant coffee (God forbid) drinker. If you are, I apologize, but you will not be getting the best flavor in your morning java. Serious coffee drinkers select their favorite coffees conscientiously. Did you know that coffee does have […]


Chocolate: 5 Reasons To Love It

I love chocolate but thin is in. Unfortunately, chocolate is my favorite food group. Like many of us, I must watch my weight. How can I possibly carry on my love affair with Godiva and Ghirardelli and not destroy my good diet intentions? First of all, let me clarify what […]


Butter: Should We Love It or Leave It?

I remember the days when toast tasted sweet and buttery. Then butter substitutes like margarine arrived on the scene. I had to believe margarine was the answer to my butter health woes. After all, butter has saturated fats which is bad for heart health. What happened to my sweet, creamy […]

Cooking with Lemon for an Inspired Date Night Meal

In Sicily when spring is in the air, the fragrant lemon blossoms coax the Sicilians to prepare for cooking with lemon. Lemon season inspires not only yummy, but very healthy meals. This citrus brings out the flavor of many foods, for example, fish, lobster, chicken and pork. Benefits of Lemon […]