How To Dine Italian and Still Be Gluten-Free

Throughout my life, I am sure I ate more gluten than is healthy. The words “gluten-free” were not in my vocabulary. I remember those peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches every day of my college years. Some Marshmallow Fluff is probably still sticking to my ribs. I had never heard of […]


Garlic: Why Do We Love You?

Sicilians love garlic; I love garlic; the world loves it but WHY?  You make our breath questionable. Sometimes you give us indigestion, but we simply adore you. And we should. The magic cloves add a distinct flavor to Sicilian cooking, but it also has medical uses. It can prevent or […]

dairy free

Lactose Free versus Dairy free

Dairy-free versus lactose-free, I never knew there was a difference, but there is. People allergic to lactose are lactose intolerant. Those allergic to the proteins in milk (casein and whey) are allergic to dairy. It is essential to understand how lactose and dairy affect the allergic person. Lactose Intolerance Lactose […]


Zucchini: 4 Creative Ways to Make It

Sicilians have never met a zucchini they did not like. It is a magical vegetable. As a matter of fact, growing it is the best way to get children excited about gardening because this veggie grows so quickly. Before you know it, the flowers pop out and, here comes a […]

food and mood

Food and Mood: Does Food Affect Emotions?

Food affects mood and your mood affects the food you choose. Have you ever been “down in the dumps” after splurging on cake and ice cream? Do you feel depressed after drinking too much alcohol? Are you suddenly elated after you eat chocolate? Worry not!!! Most likely you do not […]


Butter: Should We Love It or Leave It?

I remember the days when toast tasted sweet and buttery. Then butter substitutes like margarine arrived on the scene. I had to believe margarine was the answer to my butter health woes. After all, butter has saturated fats which is bad for heart health. What happened to my sweet, creamy […]