Unusual Spices Every Sicilian Cook Should Try

Sicilian spices? I have never been an adventurous cook when it came to flavoring my dishes. Generally, tomatoes, basil, parsley, olive oil and garlic have been my go-to seasonings. After some research, I am surprised that other spices are represented in some Sicilian dishes. Sicilian food is based on simplicity. […]

Fresh Vegetables

5 Vegetarian Dishes That Can Satisfy a Hungry Mob

This post is especially for my vegetarian fans. I discovered that many of you love vegetables, so I decided to spend some serious writing time on a variety of vegetable-centered menus. A long, long time ago, when telephones were still mounted on the wall, I set out to parent a newborn child. […]

organic potatoes

Secrets of the Potato

Let’s face it; the potato has long since made its debut into the world. Remember hearing about the Irish Potato Famine. The Irish were so dependent upon the potato that many starved to death because potato crops became infested with a fungus. This is a picture of the Irish Potato […]


5 Comfort Foods That Will Make You Nostalgic

Please forgive me, my friends, Perdonatemi amici miei. I have to say it! September is on its way. In food terms, that means the emphasis is on comfort food. When I hear “comfort food” I think of the foods I ate when I was a kid. My mind immediately shifts […]

kermit in fridge

Refrigerate? 18 Foods You Should Not

Do you know there are certain foods that you should not refrigerate? I did not, so I stuck my nose in a book or two and found out some interesting information I want to share with you. Melon Do not refrigerate whole cantaloupes, watermelon and honey dew. I would not […]

A Mother’s Day Brunch: Make Your Mom Proud

A healthy brunch is my favorite way to spend Mother’s Day. Actually, a day at Fenway Park with my daughter ranks higher, but I’m sure brunch is more relevant to you. (I miss my Red Sox.) This post includes a brief background of Mother’s Day. It also includes the recipes […]