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7 Offbeat Facts You Never Knew About Eggplant

The very first person who looked at an eggplant must have scratched his head and said, “What is this?” It is rather odd-looking but offers amazing health benefits. There are many peculiar facts about it, and I find its peculiarities fascinating. Are you wondering how the eggplant got its name? […]

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Paleo Diet: Should You Eat Like a Caveman?

The Paleo diet fascinates me because of its origins. “Eat like a caveman” is the mantra of the proponents. What does this entail? I don’t know; I wasn’t there, but if I were, I would be healthier according to Paleo diet enthusiasts. The Paleolithic Era Stone Age man lived approximately […]


Avocado Benefits: Love the Avocado

Avocado benefits have come to the dietary forefront lately. For all the days I have lived on this earth, I have not met an avocado until lately. Now that we have been introduced, I have not met an avocado I did not like. It is an amazing fruit low in […]


Zucchini: 4 Creative Ways to Make It

Sicilians have never met a zucchini they did not like. It is a magical vegetable. As a matter of fact, growing it is the best way to get children excited about gardening because this veggie grows so quickly. Before you know it, the flowers pop out and, here comes a […]


Butter: Should We Love It or Leave It?

I remember the days when toast tasted sweet and buttery. Then butter substitutes like margarine arrived on the scene. I had to believe margarine was the answer to my butter health woes. After all, butter has saturated fats which is bad for heart health. What happened to my sweet, creamy […]

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How To Add Flax to your Daily Routine

Once upon a time, I read somewhere that ingesting flax every day is a healthy habit. This one I needed to research. If I am going to put something into my body, I need to know the facts. This is what I discovered about this very important food. Flax is […]

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10 Unexpected Sources of Protein

Protein is such an important element of our daily intake; I worry that I am not getting enough protein because I am not crazy about meat. I decided to do some research on just which foods can supply me with the sources of protein I need each day. I found […]