organic potatoes

Secrets of the Potato

Let’s face it; the potato has long since made its debut into the world. Remember hearing about the Irish Potato Famine. The Irish were so dependent upon the potato that many starved to death because potato crops became infested with a fungus. This is a picture of the Irish Potato […]

Don’t Just Sit There: Start Making Stuffed Peppers

Did you know that peppers are technically a fruit? Most varieties are and the varieties are endless. Pepper Sandwiches What did you bring for lunch when you went to school as a child? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fluffernutters, bologna sandwiches; ham sandwiches with cheese? Not this kid! Picture a […]


3 Simple Escarole Dishes that Make You Want More

Escarole meals were frequent in Dot’s kitchen. Mom took advantage of its versatility to create a variety of recipes. Personally, I love escarole. I cannot understand the often-utilized description of this green vegetable as “bitter”. I remember eating it many times in childhood dinners and thought it tasted sweet. We’ll […]

kermit in fridge

Refrigerate? 18 Foods You Should Not

Do you know there are certain foods that you should not refrigerate? I did not, so I stuck my nose in a book or two and found out some interesting information I want to share with you. Melon Do not refrigerate whole cantaloupes, watermelon and honey dew. I would not […]


Zucchini: 4 Creative Ways to Make It

Sicilians have never met a zucchini they did not like. It is a magical vegetable. As a matter of fact, growing it is the best way to get children excited about gardening because this veggie grows so quickly. Before you know it, the flowers pop out and, here comes a […]

flax as a plant

How To Add Flax to your Daily Routine

Once upon a time, I read somewhere that ingesting flax every day is a healthy habit. This one I needed to research. If I am going to put something into my body, I need to know the facts. This is what I discovered about this very important food. Flax is […]

eggs high in protein

10 Unexpected Sources of Protein

Protein is such an important element of our daily intake; I worry that I am not getting enough protein because I am not crazy about meat. I decided to do some research on just which foods can supply me with the sources of protein I need each day. I found […]