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Most of the products I have suggested, I use myself. I decided to offer my personal reviews for the proposed merchandise.

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 7 Sisters Scones Review

Seven Sisters Scones is a company concentrating on scones of all kinds. To get a real experience I decided to send for a dozen of random scones.


Dream up a flavor. I’ll bet you can find it on the menu. They have gluten-free available also. 

I decided to order some mini scones. These are definitely for a cheat day, but we all have to cheat every now and then. I am treating myself.

Here I go. I will be ordering and tell you all about it next time. Right now the shipping is a flat rate ($7.00). They package them so they will arrive fresh.

Check out the website.

See you with a true review next time.



Seven Sisters Scones: Part 2 Update

As I told you, I ordered the scones from 7 Sisters and this is what I discovered.

The scones came in an adorable box, well-packaged and secure. None of the scones were broken. Each one had a plastic sleeve to keep them fresh. Four people were involved in the experiment. This is what we all determined

Each scone was fresh, even 5 days later when I ate the last one.

The flavors were fun and tasty. (Lemon poppy, blueberry, cranberry nut, fig and goat cheese, chocolate, key lime pie, strawberry champagne, caramel, cinnamon crunch, coffee cake, apple).

Everyone enjoyed their flavors. Some had a bit of frosting and some did not.

I tried the lemon poppy, strawberry champagne, and fig and goat cheese.

They were all so good. I loved the fig and goat cheese, even though I did not think I would.

They had no dryness to them as some scones do.

Possible Uses

  • Gift for all occasions
  • Gathering to serve with coffee, tea, and champagne
  • Tea for little girl’s party
  • “I miss you” gift for those far away (college, military)
  • Hostess gift

All of us gave them 5 stars for flavor, freshness, and texture.

You should try them. They are worth it. Shop now.

Note: The scones I ordered are the mini scones for $27 + $7 shipping.

The larger ones are more expensive. I think the mini ones are perfect.

Place any questions please go to the Contact Me page and send an email. I’ll be happy to answer anything you want to know.






































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