Sunset, Sky, Clouds, Abendstimmung

It is Secret Wednesday again. I have 2 new secrets for you.

Secret #1

This is my secret or more of a confession. I detest milk. I was forced to drink it as a child because back then the rule was 3 glasses of milk each day.  

Mom gave us milk in the morning to pour over our cereal. On those days, I would not pour it. I would eat the cereal dry

Some days she poured it in our cereal for us. The cereal got soggy, and I would gag. 

When Mom was getting ready for work, I would either throw it away or give it to our dog DeeDee, a standard poodle. I am pretty sure Mom caught on. She started giving us eggs, toast, and orange juice. 

Secret #2

Every New Year’s Eve Mom would serve crab meat sandwiches and champagne. She kept this tradition her whole life. Sometimes we got to join in. We drank ginger ale out of champagne glasses. I always got some sips of the champagne.