Avocado Benefits: Love the Avocado

Avocado benefits have come to the dietary forefront lately. For all the days I have lived on this earth, I have not met an avocado until lately. Now that we have been introduced, I have not met an avocado I did not like.

It is an amazing fruit low in carbohydrate, but high in good fat. Did you think it was a vegetable? I did. There are so many varieties of this superfood and each has its own health benefits. California and Florida are the primary areas of avocado growth in the United States.

The California Avocado

The Haas variety is the most available and has a thick skin that turns from green to black as it ripens. These medium-sized fruits have about 160 calories each.  It seems like a lot, huh, but the fats in avocado are what we call the “good fats”.

The Florida Avocado

This green-skinned avocado has less fat, more moisture, and not as nutty a taste as the Haas. They remain light green in color and have a thin skin which allows them to bruise easily. As a result, the Florida avocado can be shipped to only the east coast of the United States. There is less fat in the Florida avocado, so there are fewer calories. The fat in both varieties provides many nutrients.

Health Benefits

Avocado benefits are as follows:

  • Enable the body to absorb nutrients
  • Provide essential nutrients including fiber, potassium vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid
  • Contain a healthy source of fat, “good fat” also known as monounsaturated fat
  • Have more potassium than a banana which can contribute to lowering blood pressure
  • Produce avocado oil for healthy cooking
  • Lower cholesterol (very good news)
  • Protect eyes because of a great number of antioxidants
  • Help prevent cancer
  • Help with weight loss because they make you feel full
  • Contain the most protein of any fruit

Fun fact: You can use avocado spread as a replacement for high fat spreads like mayonnaise or butter. This seems very appealing to me.


According to the California Department of Public Health, the origin of the avocado tree was 7,000 years ago in southern Mexico and Columbia. The Aztecs and Incas introduced the avocado to the Spanish conquistadors. The English colonists nicknamed the fruit “alligator pears” because of their green, scale-like skin and pear shape. There are 80 varieties in California alone. Lately, we have become most aware of the avocado benefits.

Weight Loss Benefit

The avocado aids in weight loss because it contains monosaturated fat and fiber. Apparently, eating an avocado suppresses hunger. BioMed Central published a study where 26 overweight adults recorded a 28 percent decrease in hunger and a 23 percent boost in satisfaction after including half an avocado This one is worth trying, I think. It would be interesting to do this for 1 week and see if ½ an avocado a day actually helps to subdue appetite. Does anyone want to test this theory with me? Let me know in the comments section.

Fun fact: To keep an avocado from browning,  add an acid like lemon or lime juice to the avocado and wrap it in plastic wrap. You can also add a light coating of oil and then wrap it.

Beauty Benefit

I like this one! Avocado can aid in maintaining beauty. It has a good amount of vitamin C which can lessen skin inflammation, quicken wound healing, and subdue dry skin. Avocado oil can also boost collagen production and reduce signs of aging. Fun fact:  Avocado trees do not self-pollinate. They need another avocado tree close by to bear fruit.

Possible Downside

Consuming this delicious superfruit is great if you do not overindulge, Avocado is caloric so if you cannot consume a lot or you will gain weight. You should ask your doctor or dietitian how much avocado can safely be introduced into your daily diet without ruining dietary goals. I am going for one a day, so ½ an avocado will not be wasted.

Final Thought

I regret that it took me so long to discover the avocado. I really love the texture, taste, and health benefits. Keeping calories in mind, I am going to add avocado to my daily routine. By the way, if you have the proper climate, you can grow an avocado tree. Read more. Enjoy the videos. This is a crazy man singing an avocado song, I am serious. I think it is funny.

The Recipes

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Here is Andrew Zimmern showing you how to make guacamole.


  1. Linda Porter

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for sharing the avocado dance! The California Avocado Board should hire that guy for their promos! He’s a cutie!
    Coloradoans love this fruit! My favorite is to dice it into a green salad before dressing, so that the salad seems rich & decadent. Yummy!

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