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10 Unexpected Sources of Protein

Protein is such an important element of our daily intake; I worry that I am not getting enough protein because I am not crazy about meat. I decided to do some research on just which foods can supply me with the sources of protein I need each day. I found that women need 46 grams of protein each day while men need 56 grams.

I remember the T bone steaks we had when I was a kid. I can’t say I did not like them. But now, I am my own cook and decide what I like and dislike. Steak is very infrequent is my household. But I do want the benefits of protein.

Benefits of Protein

The beauty of protein is that it keeps muscles strong and healthy. Hair and skin are also affected by protein. We can choose the source of our protein each meal.

High Protein Foods

High protein foods are abundant. I am extremely surprised and gladdened by some of the foods that supply it. Here, however, are the vegetarian protein sources.

Greek Yogurt

I must admit I am not a fan, but do you know how much protein is in a cup of Greek yogurt, 23 grams. Well that inspires me to make a smoothie and add some Greek yogurt to it.greek yogurt

I would not mind a bowl of fresh berries mixed in with the yogurt and some walnuts or pecans. Protein makes me feel full.

Lentils and other beans

I love beans, especially lentils. A nice lentil soup for lunch would do me well. I would get both protein and fiber.


Vegetarian chili is one of my favorites.

Chia seeds

I have not ventured into the Chia world. I will eventually. Chia supplies 3 grams of protein. Folks like it in their smoothies.


This food supplies 5 grams of protein. It is good in veggie bowls. I use it in place of rice in my cooking.

Cottage cheese

This is good with crackers for lunch. I get the cottage cheese with chives. Cover cracker with cottage cheese and crunch. Love it.


I get the frozen ones and thaw and peel for munching.

Nut butter

Myself I like almond, but most love peanut butter. There are 7 grams of protein in 2 tbsp. of nut butter. I like mine on apple slices. I have to remember they are caloric so limit myself to 2 tablespoons.

Green peas

This one I did not know about. Peas lovers, this is 8 grams of protein per cup.


I am glad to report that potatoes sweet and otherwise have 4 grams of protein to contribute to daily intake.

Protein powders

Medical News Today examines protein powders.

Meal high in protein

Add these foods to your favorite veggie soup:

Stir cabbage, kidney beans, and quinoa into the soup. Cover and simmer until quinoa is tender, 30 minutes. Garnish each serving with Parmesan cheese.

Salad with beans in it. Red onion, kidney beans, chick peas, lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil,and balsamic vinegar.

High protein snack: Protein cups Get Recipe

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